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About Us

Our office was created to serve costumers active in transport business, especially for cargo and carrier's liability underwriters, P&I Clubs, carriers and traders.

These players frequently need a surveyor who uses technical skills to establish the cause of the damage, assess the degree of loss and provide a complete picture of the situation in a report.

The manager Zoltán Agócs has over 15 years experience in dealing with cargo matters, including damage surveys on all commodities, load and stowage, hatch and discharge and he is the sole Hungarian Full Member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying.

We are the exclusive Hungarian representative of DP Survey Group and TMN Survey Group and this background helps us to provide you with marine surveyor not only in Hungary, but worldwide.

For the past years the number of our clients has been growing continuously and we are proud to offer prompt, flexible and first of all reliable services.

Why might you need a marine loss adjuster?